Our Values

Hashi Energy is a unique organization when it comes to values.  We believe in the importance of values being shared by all team members but we also strongly strive to live up to all of our values on a daily basis.

Our values themselves form the guidelines on how to behave within the Hashi Group:


  1. We act in a transparent manner and ensure the involvement of all stakeholders;
  2. We demonstrate high integrity in all our behaviors;
  3. We are flexible and adapt to organizational changes with agility.


  1. We handle conflict productively through debate and constructive discussions while maintaining respect for one another;
  2. We resolve problems, issues and blockages through constructive feedback by finding solutions and bearing the end result in mind;
  3. We use feedback as a therapeutic process where everyone involved can allow their thoughts and feelings to be heard without being criticized;
  4. We improve our personal lives through feedback as we are able to confront issues that bother us.


  1. We maintain a state of being responsible, answerable and accountable for actions within our power, control, or management;
  2. We walk the talk and become a role model that other want to follow;
  3. We all commit and work towards achieving the Vision of the company;


  1. We acknowledge that all of us have a role to play and our efforts are complementary;
  2. We acknowledge that our diversity is our strength;
  3. We ensure that all our actions and processes are done in a transparent manner.

Collective Results

  1. We set key performance indicators that clearly show quantitative results;
  2. We set clear budgets and strategy that are effectively communicated and understood;
  3. We define well-structured policies and procedures that support the achievement of results;
  4. We eliminate all assumptions by determining clear levels of authority to allow all levels of staff to work effectively within their respective frames.