With over ten years experience, combined with our intrinsic understanding of the regional networks, Hashi Group has emerged as the preferred supply chain and logistical transport provider for a number of industry leaders. We are committed to ensuring that our equipment, technology and systems are continually upgraded to guarantee that our client’s cargo is delivered at the right place, at the right time and at the right price.

Maintaining a state of the art fleet of lorries, long haul vehicles and trucks in various regions as well as partnering with vetted and qualified vendors in areas where we do not have our own equipment guarantees timely, efficient and effective transportation solutions.

Our ability to handle any type of service is our strongest asset. Apart from the conventional wet and dry cargo runs, we have the ability to handle abnormal loads. Our range of logistical services include:

Abnormal Loads

We have the capability to take the headache out of the movement of abnormal, excess weight or oversized loads, With our expert team we will always find the optimum method to move your product efficiently from A to B. This capability covers all aspects of out of gauge cargo; from loads that are “just” out of gauge, to cranes, drilling rigs and project cargo. We work with our clients to identify the best method of transport and what permits may be required.

Heavy Machinery

Our wide range and experience with heavy haul equipment makes Hashi Group the most trusted resource in machinery and equipment transportation. We have the capacity and resources to handle and oversee the assembly, transport and disassembly of all types of heavy machinery and equipment for various sectors such as telecommunication, exploration and mining.

African Barrick Gold, Tanzania

North Mara Gold Mine is an open pit gold mine in the Tarime District of the Mara region of Tanzania.

The North Mara mine which opened in 2002 consists of three open pits, a process plant, waste rock dumps, a tailings containment pond and other associated facilities. Hashi Logistics has been supplying The North Mara mines with their logistics requirements since the year 2007.

  • Besides giving Hashi Logistics the relevant experience for supplying a large project which demands products and services that conform to international standards and specifications that are accepted and maintained by the industry and major petroleum companies.
  • The supply experience through the lines which have experienced attacks has given Hashi the relevant experience in dealing with product and supply lines security towards achieving the project success. Customs clearance at the Isebania border.
  • Extremely rough terrain.
  • 3 years
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