Dear colleagues,

We understand how important it is during this confinement period to exercise our mind by reading, in order not to affect our mental health due to overstressing ourselves over Covid-19 news and to acquire more knowledge during your free time.

We are therefore pleased to share with you a list of platforms where you can freely access online educational support materials, e-books, sports news, medical news, journals and academic materials.


Human Resources

Introduction to International Human Resource Management 

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Introduction to Modern HRM


Retention and Motivation

Creating Meaning for Employees

Managing Employee Performance



ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management System (QMS)

Introduction to Supervision

ISO 22000:2018 - Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

Kaizen Approach - Lean Methodology for Continuous Improvement

Fundamentals Of Using Six Sigma In Supply Chains

Customer Service Skills

Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management

Fundamentals of Quality Standards

Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment

Applied Operations Management - Aggregate Planning

Understanding Supply Chain Ecosystems

The Kanban System - Lean Scheduling & Management Approach to Just in Time (JIT)

Productivity and Waste Management - Lean and Environmental Perspectives

Health & Safety - Managing Noise at Work

Fundamentals of Health and Safety in the Workplace

Leadership and Management

Transformational Leadership

Ethical Intelligence in Business

Introduction to Change Management

Introduction to Strategic Management

Fundamentals of Corporate Management

Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication in International Business

Introducing the Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture

Essential Management Skills for the Workplace

Business Communication - Managing Successful Team Meetings

Business Communication - Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills


Project Management

Designing and Implementing Monitoring and Evaluating Systems

Project Management in Practice - Monitoring, Controlling and Change Management

Introduction to Project Management



Sales Techniques - Interacting with Customers

Retail Management - Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing

Introduction to Modern Retailers and Consumers

Sales Management - Business Ethics and Sales

Introducing the Art of Negotiation

Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation



Basic Accounting

Accounting - Control and Monitoring of Cash 

Accounting - Understanding Receivables and Payables

Recording Business Transactions in Accounting

Cash and Working Capital

Accounting - Measuring and Reporting Inventory

Adjustments for Financial Reporting

Financial Literacy

Understanding Risk and Reward in Finance

Introduction to Balance Sheets

Introduction to Personal and Corporate Taxes


Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest


Business Etiquette and Professionalism

Dealing With Difficult People In Life & Work

Modern Business Writing

Public Speaking

Presentation Skills

Communication Skills