About IBS

About IBS

Who We Are

Hashi Group's success is directly attributable to the multicultural pool of men and women that makes up its workforce. As a sign of recognition and to ensure sustainability of its people's employability and constant upskilling, Hashi launched the 1st Edition of its IBS Program.

IBS stands for Isir Business School, which is an internal institute wholly run and administered by Hashi employees. Management level employees are called upon to put on their teaching hats to train the participants in their respective field of expertise.

What We Do

Hashi's intention through this Program is to provide its employees with the knowledge to understand multiple business aspects in a holistic manner, through Educating, Coaching, Personal Development and Empowerment. The Program is a condensed version of an MBA Program with Hashi-related practical examples and situations.

Participants to the Program are taken through a typical business cycle which enables them to understand general concepts of Accounting, Legal, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Human Resources which offers them a bird's eye view of how a business is run.

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