At Hashi Group, we believe that provision of energy starts with providing quality, accessible and competitively priced access to food. Provision of food rations to regions that present logistical challenges due to topographic, climatic or security challenges allows us to use our specialism, experience as well as human and logistical resources thereby ensuring continuous, timely and quality supply of food.

Consumer Goods

Working with international and local suppliers who are pre-qualified, Hashi Group specialises in procurement of all types of Consumer Goods. To meet the ever-changing demands of various markets, we continuously expand the list of our suppliers and vendors while maintaining strong relationships with existing suppliers.

All our suppliers are vetted and evaluated continuously to ensure the highest standards of not just quality but ethics and work practice as dictated by local and international bodies.

With a portfolio covering all sectors of food procurement, Hashi Group is able to source, store and deliver all Food items and categories i.e.

Ambient Foods (Shelf-stable foods)
Food items that can be stored at room temperature

Chilled Foods
Food items that require to be stored at refrigeration temperatures of between +1 to +5 C” (33.8 – 41 F)

Frozen Foods
Food items that are subject to rapid freezing and remain frozen until they are used.

Warehousing & Storage

Hashi Group recognizes storage and warehousing as a crucial aspect of the food supply chain. Proper storage and warehousing ensure efficient, systematic and timely delivery of food items thereby minimizing waste and maintaining quality of the foods. To this end, Hashi Group has established and maintains strategic warehousing and storage facilities in various regions across the world. In instances where we do not own such facilities, we have partnered with local suppliers who are vetted and pre-qualified to ensure they meet set standards.


All storage facilities are tailor-made and retrofitted to handle the type of storage required by the food item type i.e. Ambient Foods, Chilled Foods or Frozen Foods. We are always continuously testing and training our staff so that international and local standards of quality are met and maintained.

Our specialisms in Warehousing and Storage span the following areas:

  • Building of storage facilities such as warehouses, silos, cold storage and refrigerated units
  • Refurbishment/ conversion of existing storage facilities
  • Management of cache/ reserve supplies
  • Set up and maintenance of central and local storage facilities
  • Rapid Deployment of temporary or offsite storage facilities

Food Logistics & Transportation

With a dedicated logistics division, Hashi Group has the capacity and experience to distributor and transport food items to even the most remote parts of the world.


Providing tailor-made solutions for various logistical requirements, Hashi Group possesses it’s own state of the art equipment and solutions in various regions and partners with local suppliers and vendors in order to provide efficient, effective and conscious solutions.

Our specialism in Food logistics and transportation span the following areas:

  • Access and use of various vehicular forms – aerial, maritime and land transport.
  • On-ground service and maintenance crews as well as emergency service crews
  • Ability to provide short term emergency food storage facilities
  • Partnerships with local vendors and suppliers and use of local personnel thus ensuring incisive knowledge of the terrain and routes.

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