Community Initiatives

Hashi Group continually works with various partners to contribute ; provide material, education & vocational support to vulnerable groups such as orphans, youth, women’s groups, the physically; mentally challenged as well as supporting community based projects & enterprises.

At Hashi Group, the realization of clean, sustainable and environmentally sound energy solutions is a primary goal and objective at all times.

We continually engage in tree planting, water conservation & anti-soil erosion projects through out all regions of operation to ensure we play our part in a cleaner, safer future environment.

With of 550 million people on the African continent living without electricity, Hashi Group developed the PowerBox: a versatile solar energy product that harnesses the power of the sun and provides lighting, electrical energy for various uses in and around the home.

It is a healthier, cheaper & more environmentally sustainable solution to the conventional light & energy sources.

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